Privacy Policy

Unicafé Inc. (hereafter “Unicafé) handles its customers’ personally identifiable information (personal information) by giving such information its highest level of attention, complying with all pertinent laws, and maintaining and improving its internal safety management systems. The following specifies Unicafé’s Privacy Policy.

1. Collection of personal information

Unicafé may in some instances use appropriate methods to collect personal information concerning its customers so that it may provide them with better products and services.

2. Management of personal information

  1. Unicafé will manage personally identifiable information in its possession in a manner that safeguards against loss, destruction, manipulation, and leakage.
  2. Unicafé may in some instances outsource the handling of personal information to an outside organization (hereafter “outsourced contractor”) for the purpose of providing its customers with better products and services. When outsourcing personal information, Unicafé will have the outsourced contractor manage the information in a manner that ensures the safe handling of personal data.

3. Use of personal information

  1. nicafé will limit its use of the personal information it collects and has in its possession to the scope required to achieve its use objectives (e.g., to manufacture and market coffee and processed coffee products; execute contracts concerning the purchase and sales of other food products, ingredients, beverages, etc.; and to provide information and services).
  2. When it is supplied with personal information from customers, Unicafé or the outsourced contractor may send information it believes will be of interest to those customers to them via E-mail or other means. If a customer does not wish to receive said information, Unicafé or the outsourced contractor will stop its sending of the information upon receiving notification of this fact from the customer.

4. Disclosure, correction, and deletion of personal information

Whenever Unicafé receives a request from a customer asking for the disclosure, correction, or deletion of his or her own personal information using the channel designated by Unicafé, Unicafé will immediately comply with that request. In such cases, Unicafé will confirm the identity of the requesting customer beforehand so as to prevent the leaking of information to a third party.

5. Maintenance and improvement of personal information safeguards

Unicafé will conduct appropriate reexaminations of the above items concerning its handling of customers’ personal information and make improvements as required.

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Privacy Policy