Business Overview

As a professional coffee roasting company,
we pursue the “real taste” of coffee.

UNICAFE, the coffee company specialized in production and sales of regular coffee, pursues the authentic taste as a coffee professional group.
In order to satisfy each requirement of customers, UNICAFE selects appropriate green coffee beans, makes full use of our roasters and packing systems and offers safety and reliable coffee products. Our wide range of products and sales channels make possible to supply what customers need.

Commercial Coffee

We distribute high quality products to various channels such as restaurants, coffee shops, offices and coffee vending machines.
We proceed value added contract-manufacturing by suggesting proper coffee beans blending, roasting level and packing style utilizing our knowledge and technologies.
UNICAFE operates as a thankless role to support commercial coffee market.

Industrial Coffee

We sell to beverage companies and/or flavor companies who use our coffee as basic ingredient of their coffee related products. In industrial coffee market, we handle green coffee beans as one of the largest transaction volume companies.
Due to our great technologies, our customers evaluates us as a reliable partner to collaborate with in order to develop better products. Our roasted coffee is processed to various products, such as beverage, coffee essence, flavor, and so on and distributed to market thanks to our customers.

Household Coffee

We conduct contract-manufacturing of coffee products with full of originality and uniqueness according to requirements of customers. We aim that everyone enjoys a cup of authentic taste coffee at home.
We deal with multifarious style products such as one cup dripping type coffee of which market is increasing, roasted beans, and regular coffee powder products.


Keurig is the capsule coffee system that offers professional drip coffee and tea by only one machine.
A cup of drink is available anytime consumer wants just by setting a capsule so called K-CUP, and pressing bottom.
We are the only manufacture and seller of K-CUP in Japanese market.


Company Information

President Message

All for customers smile

In accordance with the company philosophy, “Considering coffee as a core product, UNICAFE aims to become a company which is friendly to people and the environment”, we keep seeking for a taste what consumers would like to taste since nearly half century as a leading coffee production and sales company.
The world-wide coffee market has been facing a revolutionary period recently. From producing countries to consuming countries, coffee becomes a familiar beverage, and is served in various occasions.

In order to deal with such an environment change, all UNICAFE employees pursue a roasting technique improvement at our Kanagawa General Factory, of which production capacity is the largest in Japan, by fulfilling variable roasters and packing system.
We work valiantly to produce safety and reliable coffee products, and this is all for consumers smile.

Additionally, all R&D team, product marketing team and sales team collaborate closely as a one professional group. It makes possible to listen to real VoC, and to supply required quality and taste promptly.
We do our best to create as many “UNICAFE fan” as possible.

We keep challenging for a sustainable growth and increase of corporate value by foreseeing the movement of coffee market.

With our knowledge, technique and passion to each coffee bean,

President Katsuyuki Gohde

Business Policy

Company Philosophy
Considering coffee as a core product, UNICAFE aims to become a company which is friendly to people and the environment.
Quality Policy
  1. 1We observe laws and regulations, and promise the safety of foods.
  2. 2We, all employees, commit to improving customer satisfaction, and promise the stable profitability.
  3. 3We aim to be a friendly company to environment and people (employee’s working condition) together with the core value of “better coffee”.
  4. 4We aim to strengthen quality for all (people, products and service), and pursue continuous improvement activities.

Company Profile

Company name
Unicafe Inc.
Head Office Location
6-1-11,shimbashi,minato,Tokyo 105-0004
Kanagawa General Factory
4026-9,Nakatsu Sakuradai,Aikawa,Aiko,Kanagawa243-0303
4,216,500,000 yen (as of December 31, 2017)
No. of employees
122 (as of December 31, 2017)
Business Overview
1. Manufacture and sales of regular coffee and processed coffee products
2. Purchasing and sales of food products, food ingredients, and beverages