That on the top of the coffee, rowing to another dawn of coffee

Hitoshi Iwata
Unicafé Inc.

At Unicafé, we join with all of our stakeholders—shareholders, customers, business partners, employees, local communities, and others—in striving to generate sustainable growth and lasting corporate value under our corporate vision: “That on the top of the coffee, rowing to another dawn of coffee.”

We operate our business by giving utmost attention to our customers’ needs.

At the core of our business is coffee, simultaneously an international commodity, market commodity, and delightfully delicious agricultural product that has been enjoyed since ancient times. However, the harvests of individual coffee producing countries can vary from year to year, and the quality of those harvests can also fluctuate.

Because we recognize and respect the efforts that coffee producers make to ensure stable harvests and quality, we dedicate ourselves to handling their coffee with care.

We intend to accelerate our development of products that deliver the tastes our customers want and achieve consistent product reproducibility. We will accomplish these aims by closely inspecting our green coffee beans, improving and stabilizing our roasting processes, and consistently managing and analyzing extraction.

Moreover, we will proactively craft new tastes with an eye to the future, and develop constructive product proposals to precisely meet our customers’ needs.