Procurement of Basic Ingredients

Producer Training

We aim to achieve mutual prosperity and benefit through protection of the environment and people’s livelihood in production areas.

Coffee is produced in over sixty countries around the world. It is the basis for an industry that is supported by as many as 125 million coffee producers. In terms of worldwide trade value, coffee-which is grown in developing countries of tropical rainforest regions but almost entirely consumed in developing countries—ranks second behind petroleum and is thus one of the most important industries for developing countries. It is a product that you probably consume daily with nary a thought; however, in actual fact, the cup you drink supports the lives of many coffee producers.

For years, we have carefully cultivated a relationship of trust with producers so that we may purchase safe and high-quality coffee beans. We visit production areas, exchange views with producers, and fully engage in the communication needed to produce coffee that our customers will enjoy and appreciate.

In addition, we make a contribution to the coffee industry’s development by stressing our support for the Rainforest Alliance.* We also focus on use of organically grown beans in response to customers’ demand for safe coffee.

*Rainforest Alliance
The Rainforest Alliance is an international NPO whose mission is protecting biodiversity and helping people live sustainable lives.