Patented Technologies

We bring out the “magic” of coffee scientifically with unique patented technologies.

At Unicafé, we engage in research and development with a view to staying one step ahead. The fruits of our R&D are evident in the numerous patents we have been awarded.

Our patents are crystallizations of Unicafé’s unique strengths as a company that pursues the “science of coffee” and our unmatched inventiveness and creativity.

Coffee bags

Country of application Japan
Registry number 3105756
Description The bag permits full extraction in a short period of time because it quickly releases carbon dioxide gas that is generated within it during coffee extraction. Additionally, because liquid coffee is passed through a filter containing microfibers, none of the grounds or fats and oils that can tarnish the coffee’s flavor remain.

Method for improving the taste quality of coffee extract

Country of application Japan
Registry number 3407207
Description This is a method that uses protease to improve the taste quality and turbidity of coffee extract.

Green tea manufacturing method

Country of application Japan/China
Registry number 3667308 (application pending)
Description This is a green tea manufacturing method that uses enzyme treatment of tea leaves to increase the deliciousness and sweetness of tea leaves.

Manufacturing method for coffee beverages

Country of application Japan
Registry number 3745731
Description This is a method for manufacturing 100% coffee beverages containing flavor constituents recovered from coffee.

Coffee extract manufacturing method for long-term storage

Country of application Japan/U.S.A.
Registry number 2920826/5993877
Description This technology controls the formation of gas and sedimentation in coffee extract.

Tea extract for storage in airtight containers and its manufacturing process

Country of application Japan
Registry number 3511164
Description This patent covers a tea extract that does not suffer from sedimentation or flavor changes, even when stored for a long period of time, and its manufacturing method.