R&D Center (Reseach & Development)

The R&D Center strives to “bring a new dawn to coffee by taking it to the next level.”

Coffee R&D

Focusing on the “science” of coffee, the R&D Center conducts research on roasting using six roaster types in five classes as well as on processing and quality characteristics.
It also analyzes the composition of coffee ( aroma and functional ingredients ) from various perspectives using GS-MS ( gas chromatograph / mass spectrometer ) and HPLC ( high - performance liquid chromatography ) among other tools.

Technical and product development

The R&D Center develops products utilizing processing technologies for roasting, grinding, and extracting coffee.
It pursues delicious coffee by quantifying flavor using GS-MS and taste sensors.
It also engages in roast profiling to create flavors worthy of the Unicafé name.

Coffee preproduction and technical proposal

The R&D Center creates preproduction samples and proposals for coffee products ( RC, beverages, etc. ) in response to customer requests.
It also analyzes flavor, aroma, and characteristics when proposals become actual products.