Company History

Nov. 1972Unicafé Inc. was established as a coffee roasting/processing factory and sales company which was jointly funded by green coffee beans wholesale business Wataru Shokai Corporation (It has developed to WATARU & Co., Ltd and Wataru Real Estate Co., Ltd today) and 57 coffee roasting companies (Capital: 98 million yen).
Oct. 1979Manufacturing coffee for processing (into canned coffee, milk coffee and sweets etc) and also OEM (original equipment manufacturing) began in a wide variety of products in small quantities.
Sep. 1985Production equipment was completed in the Atsugi Factory for secondary processing (packaging and canning) of coffee used professionally and in the household.
Feb. 1990Completion of Sakai Factory to enhance processing in Sakai, Atsugi, Kanagawa.
Jun. 1990The new product “Coffee Bag” was developed and production and sales began. (acquired a joint patent regarding the manufacturing process)
Oct. 1993Established an R&D center within head office to improve processing technology and develop original products.
Sep. 1994Completion of liyama Factory for secondary processing (packaging and canning) in liyama, Atsugi, Kanagawa.
Oct. 1995Completion of Isehara Factory to enhance production capacity in Isehara, Kanagawa.
Jun. 1999Listed on Japan Securities Dealers Association.
Aug. 1999Obtained ISO 9002 certification in all of its business facilities including head office, Atsugi Factory, liyama Factory, Sakai Factory and Isehara Factory.
Aug. 2000Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Second Section.
Apr. 2001Completion of Kanagawa General Factory by consolidating the 4 existing factories.
May. 2001Certified as organic food manufacturer by JAS.
Sep. 2001Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section.
Jan. 2002Introduced Diedrich coffee roaster from US which is best suited for a Seattle style cafe as our fifth model roaster.
Dec. 2002Head office and Kanagawa General Factory obtained ISO 9001 certification.
Aug. 2003A new roaster (Diedrich CR240K) and packaging machine (Bosch SVE2510QR: High speed vertical pillow packaging machine that enabled four corner seals at the height of conventional pillow packaging machines) were introduced to enhance productivity.
Mar. 2004Acquired the land adjacent to the Kanagawa General Factory (area of 8,459 m2) to enhance the packaging process in order to meet the growing demand for our professional and household coffee.
Nov. 2004Kanagawa General Factory obtained ISO 14001 certification.
Oct. 2005Made extensions to a building and launched an R&D center in the Kanagawa General Factory to meet the growing demand for our professional and household coffee.
One-million-yen donation for Guatemalan hurricane relief.
Dec. 2009Issued shares to UCC UESHIMA COFFEE Co., Ltd (currently UCC Holdings Co., Ltd.) through third party allotment and formed capital and business alliance.
Jul. 2011Kanagawa General Factory obtained Foundation for Food Safety Certification “FSSC22000:2010.”
Jul. 2012Kanagawa General Factory obtained OSHMS (Occupational Safety and Health Management System) certification.
Apr. 2014Installation of a new aroma analyzer and taste sensor in the R&D Center.
Dec. 2015Installation of 23 quality-control cameras and access-control doors to roasting and secondary processing/packaging areas at the Kanagawa General Factory.
Jul. 2016Introduction of an IC tag-based employee location tracking system in the Kanagawa General Factory.