Business activities

At Unicafé, we pursue “true” flavor as a professional coffee roaster.
We roast and process coffee at our Kanagawa General Factory, a facility boasting Asia’s top production capability and one of the best quality control systems in the industry. By selecting green coffee beans that meet specific needs and making full use of our roasters, we help our customers enjoy the coffees they want with a full lineup of products that ranges from 6-gram drip bags for households to 300-kg flexible containers for industrial use.

Unicafé’s business operations

Coffee businesses

Industrial coffee Doing business with top coffee brands (beverage manufacturers), we are one of the industry’s largest suppliers of coffee used as a basic ingredient in coffee products, including those sold in cans and PET plastic bottles and chilled cup coffees.
Commercial coffee We supply high-quality products to a variety of business types, including restaurant and café chains, office coffee suppliers, and cup-type vending machine operators.
Household coffee We supply highly original products that better satisfy individual tastes in order to bring delicious coffee enjoyment to the home. Our single-serve products are showing particularly strong growth in this area.