Procurement of Basic Ingredients

A mysterious drink with a deep and mellow flavor and refreshing qualities that is loved the world over

Coffee: An essential part of our daily lives and a product with infinite possibilities. Its uniquely mellow aroma and flavor refreshes us and resets our mood from deep within. It also restores our ability to move forward with a positive outlook. Today, as its health effects garner renewed attention, coffee continues to be loved by people around the world as a drink that inspires hopes and dreams.

We develop our business by placing this fascinating drink at the core of our corporate activities.

Building trust with producers to preserve safety and peace of mind

Over the years, we have carefully nurtured our relationship of trust with producers so that we may purchase safe and high-quality coffee beans.

We purchase superior beans by visiting production areas around the world to view crop and harvesting conditions at plantations and agricultural cooperatives. We also strive to preserve natural environments in coffee regions through product production that actively utilizes Fairtrade- and Rainforest Alliance-certified beans as well as organically grown beans.

Additionally, we actually go to various production centers and aim to reinforce trust with producers through discussions on the coffee industry’s future. At Unicafé, we view “Creating Shaved Value,” a concept that seeks to achieve mutual prosperity and benefit for consumers and producers through protection of production area environments and support for producers’ livelihood, to be a central theme of our coffee production.