Manufacturing Technologies & Quality Control

Quality Control

Only superior coffees that repeatedly pass stringent quality inspections for taste and quality can become Unicafé products.

Our obsession with quality control does not let up until actual delivery to our customers.

Unicafé’s strict quality inspections begin with cup tests conducted when we purchase green coffee beans at production sites. Cup tests are then repeated before beans are loaded onto ships at producing countries’ ports, when they are brought ashore at Japanese ports, before they are shipped from port warehouses, when they arrive at the Kanagawa General Factory, and before finished products are delivered to customers. A team of appraisers and other experts closely examines the coffee to ensure taste and quality.

Furthermore, during final pre-shipment inspections, head office staff members who are certified under the ISO 9001 system check product quality by applying tough standards. A Quality Assurance Department that is separate from the Production Division is in charge of these steps.

As for hygiene management, we maintain a thorough management system to ensure that only safe products are delivered to customers.

We firmly believe that it is our posture of constantly applying only the highest standards and of never compromising when it comes to quality that allows us to produce superior coffee products.

Strict cup tests at each stage,
from beans purchasing until prior to final delivery