Manufacturing Technologies & Quality Control

The Kanagawa General Factory: Concentrating cutting-edge technologies into the world’s largest facility in terms of size and function

At Unicafé, we strive to make safe and delicious coffee based on a consistent quality control system that extends from bean purchasing all the way to customer delivery. At the center of this effort is the Kanagawa General Factory, a facility possessing the world’s largest production scale as well as equipment and quality control that are unsurpassed in the coffee industry.

Housing 15 roasters of five models and six types, this one factory possesses global-scale production capacity and has no peer in Japan. With such capability, we can meet any customer demand or specification, no matter how sophisticated.

As for packaging and processing, we expanded the factory’s machinery to handle private label and OEM requirements and operate it around the clock.

Moreover, we established our Development Department’s R&D Center on the factory’s grounds. The center seeks to shed light on the “magic” of coffee and strives to “bring a new dawn to coffee by taking it to the next level.”

In addition, we practice thoroughgoing quality control so that we can consistently supply our customers with the finest products. From ingredients purchasing to just before final delivery, our staff of experts conducts numerous cup tests. We also conduct quality inspections based on our ISO 9001 certification. We will continue to apply advanced technologies and expertise to manufacture high-quality coffee products that are safe and delicious and fully satisfy our customers.