Global Environment

With deep gratitude for Mother Nature, the nurturer of our coffee

Products that aid rainforest conservation

The Rainforest Alliance* is an organization that grants quality certifications only to agricultural products (and items made with those products) that clear strict standards based on a program of environmental conservation.
We strive to develop better products by actively purchasing coffee beans that have received this certification of confidence.
We conduct our business with the belief that coffee is a valuable asset for developing countries, and that purchasing beans at the price they are worth helps conserve rainforest environments and, by extension, leads to protection of the global environment as well as enduring prosperity. At Unicafé, we pursue our economic activities based on a global perspective, not one that simply focuses on consumption in Japan.

*Rainforest Alliance
The Rainforest Alliance is an international NPO whose mission is protecting biodiversity and helping people live sustainable lives.

We also plan various ways of incorporating Fairtrade-certified coffee beans into our products. We believe it is our mission as a coffee manufacturer to correctly appreciate high-quality ingredients and to purchase them at appropriate prices in order to motivate producers and raise their quality consciousness.

Recycling of burlap sacks

Used burlap coffee bean sacks are recycled as insulation for buildings and other materials.


Silverskin that is produced during coffee pulping is used as fertilizer in pastures near factories.

Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are used as a kind of air freshener that prevents odors from the floors of cattle and pig houses at pastures near factories.

Reuse of coffee processing waste

Waste from coffee processing is reused as a soil improvement agent.

Acquisition of “organic JAS certification”

We strive to create nature- and people-friendly products that receive “organic JAS certification” for having a low environmental impact.