We aim to be a company that is friendly to both people and the environment.

Coffee beans are red jewels provided by the natural environment of rain forests. If it were not for the richness of this environment, we would not have the drink of mellow aroma and deep flavor that we now enjoy.

At Unicafé, we are committed to supporting coffee producers. And we support the ideals of the Rainforest Alliance and actively use Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee and organically grown coffee.

We take initiatives oriented toward the local environment and community with an eye to achieving coexistence with our neighbors.

In addition, we have obtained the ISO 14001 environmental management certification at our Kanagawa General Factory. We reduce outside emission of odors by treating the smells and fumes that are generated during roasting within the factory. We also actively promote environmental greenery by planting a green zone on the factory’s grounds.

Our ISO 14001 environmental policy

We engage in business management that fully considers conservation and improvement of the global environment through our production of coffee products and other operations.

We aim to alleviate our burden on the environment by decreasing the amount of energy we consume in coffee production and reducing and recycling the volume of waste we generate.

We will comply with environment-related laws and regulations as well as other requirements.

We will strive to raise environmental consciousness among all employees by actively engaging in environment-related activities, as we also aim to achieve environmental objectives and maintain and improve the local environment.